Help Stop Horses From Being Gutted by Bulls at Mexico's Torneo de Lazo!

Every two weeks in Yucatán, Mexico, a horrific event called Torneo de Lazo takes place, during which terrified horses are eviscerated by bulls and their entrails are strewn about as they suffer immobilizing pain and fear. A slow, agonizing death often follows as children and families look on. This has to stop!

So-called "cowboys" ride terrified, helpless horses into a ring, where angry bulls await them. Riders attempt to lasso the bulls, who are apparently "trained" to chase and gore the horses, and the horses are trapped and unable to escape the ring. Instead, they are forced to run toward the bulls over and over and are often impaled by the bulls' horns, which causes their insides to spill out into the ring as onlookers snap photos of the gore. When they collapse, the horses are trampled by other animals. If they don't die quickly from their injuries, they are sometimes shot in the head—but only after excruciatingly long periods of suffering. Other times, they are left to lie in the dirt as they slowly bleed to death.

This horrific event is illegal in Mexico, but no one is enforcing the law. If this outrages you, please take action immediately by insisting that Mexico's government enforce laws against cruelty to animals and end this barbaric practice today.

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